TRAVELLING WITH FILM:  X-Ray damage and how to prevent it:

The modern X-Ray machines used for security at airports WILL DAMAGE YOUR FILM!  The newer
x-ray machines emit enough radiation to damage or even ruin your film.  If you are planning to take film along with you when you fly, here are a few suggestions to help you avoid losing your precious photos:

Take your rolls of film out of the original packaging and put them in clear film canisters.

Place the clear film canisters in a clear Zip-Loc bag so that the security screeners can see that it is
  film without having to open everything up.

Request to have your film hand checked at the security gate.  If they will not accommodate you,
  remind them that it is the law!  Check out the TSAs webpage webpage regarding hand checking of film.

NEVER put your film in any luggage which you intend to check at the gate.

Higher speed films (ISO 400 and higher) are most susceptible to x-ray damage

X-ray damage is cumulative, the more times it is exposed, the worse the damage may be

Processed film and prints  will not be harmed by x-ray.

Be patient!  Don't get in a hurry to get to the gate and "give in" to having your film x-rayed...We see
  serious x-ray damage on a regular basis, and it cannot be fixed.

 You don't have to let them fry your valuable film.


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