At Process One we are able to repair and restore old, damaged or faded pictures
using our digital retouching and photo restoration equipment and techniques at an affordable price.

We will scan your original picture and then use powerful restoration software to fix your photo's damage.  When we are done restoring your picture we will save the restored picture on CD for printing.  We won't send your pictures out of our lab - all of our photo restoration work is done by us in our lab in Overland Park, KS - your valuable original pictures will never leave our property.

Since each job is unique, we would like you to bring your photos to us so that we can tell you what we can do and how much it will cost.  Most restoration jobs fall into the following 4 categories based on the level of work needed.


Simple photo retouching - $5 to $15   Level Two photo restoration ~ $45
  Remove red -eye     Fix major cracks
  Remove facial blemishes     Repair missing or torn corners
  Remove 'crows feet' around eyes     Fix major stains and fading
  Remove stray hairs     Fix multiple scratches or holes
  Smooth wrinkles     Repair moderate face damage
Level One photo restoration ~ $25   Level Three photo restoration ~ $65
  Fix minor cracks and tears     Fix major cracking and pitting
  Restore faded colors     Moving, adding or removing people
  Fix spots or scratches     Replace missing facial features
  Repair minor damage to faces     Repair major damage to faces
  Fix minor stains and fading     Repair severe water damage

Since each photo retouching or restoration job is different, we will quote your picture when you bring it in.
These are some guidelines to get an idea of what your job might cost.

All restoration jobs include scanning your original picture and saving your retouched picture on CD.
Any additional prints you would like to have made from your retouched picture
will be the same price as our standard digital  prints.

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