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Frequently asked questions about mail order film processing from Process One:

How long does it take to get the film processed?
Check here for our current turn-around times.  We work hard to get film processing orders completed quickly, but at certain times, when our film developing volume is extremely high, film processing orders may take a little longer.

What are the shipping charges for mail order film processing?
The charges vary according to the size of your order, but usually run between $4.95 and $6.95 per order.
Priority Mail (2 to 3 days) is available starting at $9.95, and EXPRESS Mail Overnight starts at $32.00.

What types of film can you process?
We can process the following types and sizes of film:

• 35mm: Color print film (C41), slide film (E6), and black and white film
• 120/220: Color print film (C41), slide film (E6), and black and white film
• 4x5 film: Slide film (E6) and black and white
• Advantix, Nexia (24mm) color print film
• 110 and 126 color print film (C41)
Kodachrome film developed as black and white
Get more information about our film processing and printing services here.

What types of chemicals do you use?
We use genuine Fuji film chemicals for color print film (C41), Kodak X-Tol developer for black & white, and Fuji Pro6 E6 chemicals for E6 color slide film.

Can I get my film scanned and printed, or can I just get the film developed only?
Sure, we can either process and scan, process and print, or just 'process only' - its your choice.  You can pick your desired services from the list on the order form.

What types of paper can you print our pictures on?
We can print on matte, glossy or metallic paper.  See our paper types here

Do I need a mailer or an order form?
You can send us your film in any kind of package you like, just make sure it is securely closed.
You will need an order form - download your order form here.

How can I pay for my film processing order?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and PayPal. You can enter your payment information on the order form, or if you prefer you can call us to get your order total and then mail us a check.  Once your order has been paid we destroy your payment information - we do not retain your payment information.

Do I have to pay if the film doesn't turn out?
If your film doesn't turn you will only be charged for the film developing.

Does Process One handle regular 'amateur' film or only Professional Film?
We gladly process film for professionals, advanced amateurs, moms, dads, students and just about anyone else that needs high quality film developing.