At Process One we process your black & white film the correct way...
We have been developing B&W film since 1984!

We develop and print your black and white film in our lab in one day, and we can
handle almost any type of black and white film you may be shooting, including
35mm, 120, 220 and 4x5.  We process and print black and white film for customers
in the Kansas City area as well as across the country, and we look forward to
helping you with your with your black and white photography.

We make great black and white reprints and enlargements as well


• We process your B&W film in Kodak X-Tol developer    • You have your choice of matte or glossy prints.
• We correct each frame for proper density   • We can leave your film uncut, in roll sleeving if you prefer
• We can process and print your Infrared film   • Black & White orders are ready in one day (Mon-Fri)


35mm B&W film processing     120/220 B&W film processing  
35mm film developing 4.99   120 B&W film developing 5.99
3x5 or 4x6 prints- at time of processing .30 ea   220 B&W film developing 6.99
Second set of 4x6 prints .15 ea   4x5 or 5x5 prints- at time of processing .60 ea
Contact Sheet (digital) 6.99   Second set of 4x5 or 5x5 .30 ea
      Contact Sheet (digital) 6.99
Scan roll to CD - standard res. 4.99   Scan to CD - standard res, per frame .60
(At time of developing, if prints are ordered)     Scan to CD - medium res, per frame 2.00
Scan roll to CD - standard res. 7.99   4x5 B&W film processing  
(At time of developing, without prints ordered)        
      4x5 B&W film developing - per sheet 4.99
Scan roll to CD - medium res. 13.00   4x5 proof print from 4x5 film 3.50
(At time of developing - 2400x3600)     4x5 film scan at time of developing 3.50

*Standard res. is 1200x1800

    *Medium res. is 2400x3600  

We can develop and print the following films and more:

Kodak Tmax, Plus-X, Tri-X, 125PX, 400TX, BW400CN
Ilford FP4, HP5, Delta, Pan-F, XP2
Arista, Lomo, Agfa APX, Rollie, Earl Gray, Lady Gray

If you have any remaining questions please call or email us and we will be happy to help.


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Process One - Black & White Film Processing


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