Our archival discs are the longest lasting storage medium for your digital pictures.

The Most Reliable Storage in the World.

Archival Gold discs with Scratch Armor offer the most unique and trustworthy CD-R and DVD-R discs to safely store your most treasured digital data. This is the only storage medium guaranteed 100% uneditable, inerasable and tested to endure up to 300 years based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Photographers can conveniently refer back to their original data files & images when necessary and even pass them along to future generations.

Copy your digital photos to a long lasting archival disc

Archival CD         $10.00 per disc         Holds about 370  2mb pictures            300 Year Lifetime  NIST
Delkin Gold Archival CD, 300 year life - Our longest lasting disc.

Archival DVD      $15.00 per disc         Holds about 2350 2mb pictures          
100 Year Lifetime   NIST
Delkin Gold Archival DVD, 100 year life.

You can learn more about the technology in our Delkin Gold Archival discs here.


*Delkin, Scratch Armor and Archival Gold are the sole property of Delkin Devices, Poway, CA 92064, and are used with permission.


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