We can process and print your Advanced Photo System (APS)
Advantix and Nexia film!

Your Advanced Photo System (APS) Advantix camera still works great, is easy to use and makes great pictures.  But finding a good place to get it developed is getting difficult.
We still process APS Advantix and Nexia film in our lab, and we still do a fantastic job!

We offer mail-order processing for APS film - download an order form here.

APS (Advantix) color film processing     APS (Advantix) film scanning  
APS film developing
3.99   Scan roll to CD if prints are ordered, standard res. 4.99  per roll
4x6, 4x8 or panoramic prints
(at time of developing)
.30 each
  Scan roll to CD if no prints are ordered, standard res. 7.99 per roll
Second set of prints .15 each   Scan roll to CD - Medium Res 13.00 per roll
Reprints & enlargements from APS film click here     *Standard res is 1200x1800, medium res. is 2400x3600  

We process your APS film the way it was designed - you get your choice of print
sizes depending on how you shot each picture with your APS camera

We develop your APS film correctly in quality Fuji CN16L chemicals
Advantix color print film processing can still be done in one hour
We inspect and correct each picture for ideal color and density
Your pictures are all numbered on the reverse side for easy re-ordering
Choices of glossy or matte, with borders or borderless
All Advantix film orders are returned with an index print

We use Fuji Crystal Archive Paper for long lasting, vibrant pictures


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Advanced Photo System Film Processing (APS)


Click for details about mailing us your APS film for developing.

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► APS Film Developing - Kodak Advantix and Fuji Nexia

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