If your camera's memory card is corrupt, not accessible
by your computer or can't be read by your camera,
we can help get your pictures back.

Everyone who shoots digital pictures long enough will eventually suffer from a memory card failure.
We can usually recover most or all of your lost pictures, videos and data from your malfunctioning memory card.
We have recovered loads of lost images for our customers in the Kansas City area and around the country.

The dreaded 'Card not formatted' or 'Card not accessible'
error is BAD but we can usually help.

Memory Card recovery
$19.99 per card

Plus $5 per CD to save the lost images,
and 29 cents for 4x6 prints.

We can recover lost pictures from
-SD cards and SDHC cards
-Memory Stick, Pro, Duo and Pro-Duo
-Compact Flash cards, XD cards

* No charge for this service is we cannot recover  your lost pictures.

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Process One - Memory Card Recovery

If we can't recover your pictures, DriveSavers can!
here for more details about DriveSavers data recovery services.

Use reseller number
(DS 22352) to get a discount!

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